Benjamin M. Dyer, MFA

Videographer | Video Editor | Media Professional


Selected WOrks


Sentencing mitigation videos


News Magazine Style Features

The story of a Sudanese refugee.

The story of a survivor of the TWA Flight 840 bombing in 1986.

The story of a woman who was part of the Vietnam War's Operation Babylift.




-Mediation/Settlement Documentaries

-"Day in the life" Documentaries

-Sentence Mitigating Documentaries

-Crime Scene Documentaries



-Motion Graphics

-Music Videos





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Benjamin M. Dyer, MFA

Benjamin M. Dyer, MFA

Do what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.
— Mark Twain

Video production is the work that I love. Ever since I can remember I've made videos/films/movies. It started when my dad bought me my first video camera at age 12. As I got older, my interest grew and I eventually enrolled in film school, where I earned an MFA in directing. I then spent 5 years working for the Christian Broadcasting Network, traveling around the world, capturing stories of how God has positively affected people's lives. 

My resume includes a little bit of everything: short films, a feature length film, music videos, commercials/spots, business promos, courtroom/legal documentaries, and television shows in multiple languages.